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My Stay at Hotel de Seine, Paris
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My Stay at Hotel de Seine

“Dear Friend, What a pleasure to write to you from the sitting room of Hotel de Seine where I am having a wonderful stay! I only miss your smile to perfect the decor.


I stay here, in the deep heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés. By passing the door of the Hotel, I already feel the city atmosphere that you would like so much! Passers-by pressing their steps towards the Institute of France and the Seine River, market smelling melon and summer, and terraces with Parisians and their famous glass of wine! Yesterday evening I could appreciate at the corner of Rue de Seine and Rue de Buci, a street concert with trumpet and double bass!


Hotel de Seine is a delightful establishment with traditional charm. Woodwork, taut fabrics, and quality furniture, I feel after 4 days, as at home! And the staff is not for nothing! Smiling and available at any time. Also, they know the area very well and give very good advices, especially regarding restaurants. You will not contradict me when I tell you that my Parisian adventure can not do without delicacies!


My Stay at Hotel de Seine, Paris

My Stay at Hotel de Seine, Paris

My room is of rare elegance. There is everything I need during my stay, an extremely comfortable bed, a courtesy tray to enjoy my evening tea, an office where to finish this letter, an umbrella, and a marble bathroom! I like to take a bath in the evening while thinking about the fantastic visits of my day (Louvre Museum, Notre-Dame Cathedral, Sainte-Chapelle …). I can not tell you my emotion with every stone!


I now have a little ritual in my second house. In the early morning, I go to Luxembourg Garden, then after a good shower, I go down to have breakfast in the breakfast room, and sit near the window to admire Paris waking up. So I think of my next discovery and entend to realize this sweet dream to live like a Parisian.


I do not doubt that we will one day return together in the City of Light (hotel gave me a CIP code!) and I will then take you to my secret place, at Hotel de Seine, whose flavors I have described to you a hundred times.

Best Regards,


Your Friend, Parisian by Heart”